Saturday, 7 September 2013

The end of the soccer season


Today we had our last soccer game for the season and what a relief if I had to endure any more of soccer I will be needing a little dash to the mental hospital why you might ask? well I didn't want to but I did I turned into those crazy mothers shouting and running on the side of the field while the children were playing the game I know I should just have stayed on the side of the field with my cuppa but instead I was running and shouting and drinking coffee at the same time I was multi tasking I was giving myself heart disease. 

The children did well I am so amazed at how much they have improved throughout the season and yes I did calm down slightly after a couple of weeks and spent more time chin wagging with the other mums enjoying a cup of coffee and the sausage sizzle on the side of the field to much relief from the coach he was probably thinking I better give that crazy mother a red card. 

I know I did feel stressed at times but I did enjoy it once I calmed down and stopped being a crazy woman the munchkins really enjoyed soccer and have made some really nice friends.

The best day of the season was today the children played incredibly and we had a end of season party.

End of season party - Table styled by the Cupcake Lady

Ok I won't miss the feeling of being a crazy soccer mum but I will miss watching my gorgeous munchkins playing the game and the happy expression on their faces when they score a goal and I will definitely miss our Saturday mornings sitting on the grass chin wagging with the other mums.

 well soccer season is over for the year until the next year so onto the next sport season......

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