Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Cupcake lady at the Fun Fair

Today was the Baking competition at an inner city school the day was looking bright and shiny just barely though there were some threats of rain showers we got the odd sprinkle from the sky saying "hello" just a reminder of our wonderful Queensland weather.

At the fair there were so many happy people the kids on the pony rides, the ladies selling their homemade goods and garden plants. There were numerous competitions the best drawing competition, the biggest veg competition and so on, what I loved the most was the atmosphere I loved that the fair had this whimsical feel about it, the buntings flapping with the wind the aromas of the freshly brewed coffee, the delicious food from the multicultural stalls and I thought to myself that is what makes Australia so unique and so wonderful "one place - people from so many walks of life"

Back to the Baking competition I came second the very deserving winner was a primary school girl she made Gulliver's travels Lego style.

1st Place

 2nd Place

It's Fete season at the moment in Brisbane but today's fair was the last for the season for the cupcake lady I am officially bake out I think I will put my feet up and enjoy my next cuppa.

The Cupcake Lady

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