Saturday, 27 July 2013

Easy peasy homemade sorbet

Our middle munchkin had his tonsils and adenoids removed the last couple of nights have been horrid the lack of sleep and our munchkin refusing to take his medicine. About a month ago I booked myself for a baking competition the competition is here well tomorrow to be exact and I am trying to find my inner baker extraordinaire to start baking those two cakes yes as it was not bad enough I placed two entries " The best decorated cake" and "The most delicious cake" categories. Judging by the lack of baking products on the shelf at the supermarket I have better chances to meet the pope than winning anything at the baking fair I am thinking there will be loads of entries oh well its too late to pull out now.

What I wanted to share was my easy peasy homemade sorbet, the doctor ordered for Mr Munchkin to eat plenty of ice cream, Ice blocks and so on, so today I made my on version of White Cottage sorbet and I must say it was delish!!!!

The Cupcake Lady's Berry Sorbet


250g Frozen Rasperries
250g Frozen Strawberries
1/2 icing sugar
a dash of water or apple juice


Place all the ingredients on the food processor and blitz until smooth

Serves 6

we had left over I just placed it on a tupperware container and I am having some as I type and I still think it's delish


The Cupcake Lady



  1. Poor little munchkin. Hope your beautiful home made sorbet helps make him feel better. Good luck with the competition! You are already a winner in our books!!

  2. Thank you so much I need all the luck I think the competition will be fierce.