Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Funny moments in lfe

I bumped into my neighbour outside the white cottage, she was walking her Jack Russell we struck up our usual conversation of the daily hustle and bustle, let me tell you about my neighbours Tom and Dawn they live in the property across the road from us they have 9 acres and 4 horses, my neighbours are 85ish years old, I commented to Dawn that I had started to write on this blog and I had mentioned her horses in one of my posts she smiled but did not seem too fazed by it. I thought the least she could do was to ask what is a blog? what are you talking about dear?  that sort of thing and then I would rant on about the internet and so on BUT instead I was told by Dawn "oh that's nice you mentioned the horses on your blog, we also have a webpage talking about the horses you can follow us on Facebook if you want" WHAT!!!!!! It just goes to show you, you can never be too old to learn new things and as for me I now have Dawn to help me troubleshoot my internet problems.

Have a great Saturday. What are you up to today?.

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