Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Remembering a Vintage Fair

Today around the White Cottage it's cold, rainy, foggy and i think i am coming down with the cold so to cheer me up I want to share and remember last week when I went for a wander around to the shopping district not far from the cottage I love it as it is a stones throw away from the CBD and I can just pop in for a quick cuppa and scone I can browse all things beautiful, homewares from times gone by or admire and make a mental list for birthdays and Christmas presents.

When I was having my coffee and scone my mind wandered to Paris or Europe it was probably a combination of my imagination, the sound of French Jazz music and my eyes going into overdrive looking at the French and vintage homewares. I am a keen vintage collector I much prefer something from times gone by I wonder about the story of the piece and it never ceases to amaze me that they can still look so beautiful after a lifetime.

On my shopping expedition I found a milk glass bottle from the 1950's when milk was home delivered fresh daily although i was no where near being born in those days the home delivering  tradition only finished not long ago I remember we would leave the money on the front porch and our milk and the newspaper would magically appear every morning. I just had to have it and maybe it is my imagination but the little munchkin and myself think the milk taste super delish.

Oh I think another cuppa is calling my name.....

What are your vintage love and finds.

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  1. pretty cool I remember those bottles as a child