Friday, 7 June 2013

Stefano's Trattoria

Mangia Mangia that was tonight's theme, we went to the Italian soccer club where they not only take soccer serious but on friday nights is all about Football (as they call it) Ribs Cannolies and Woodfired pizzas. We decided to make a night of it we were joined by four other couples and 11 children. The food was flowing the children were running around playing hide and seek, for an instant moment I felt I was Italian we had the coach acting as the Trattoria Maestro calling our order number in Bingo style threatening the customers if they didn't eat those cannolies quickly he would do the job for us and then we had Stefano the singing chef I think the secret ingredient to his food was his off key opera singing very loud and comical. The highlight of the night was when cafe aficionado and our friend filippo got behind the coffee machine and made the perfect coffee, our kids fell asleep as soon as we got into the car as for me i am having a Nigella Lawson moment I am eating a left over Cannoli as I type.

I hope your Friday night was as delightful as ours.

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