Thursday, 13 June 2013

Our Vege Patch on a Winter's Day

It is winter at the moment at the white cottage and of late all I want to do is sing " I am singing in the rain" for the last couples of weeks it has been raining which has prevented us to attend to all things garden and green thumb, this afternoon I put on my gumboots had my cup of coffee in hand  and wandered around the garden to see the new things that have grown and to check the things that need attending to, I was pleasantly surprised to find some of the plants have thrived really well  in this weather and as expected some have not.
I found some new shoots of basil plants and some ripe cherry tomatoes I think a homemade Margarita pizza with  basil  and cherry tomatoes  might be in the cards for this weekend I think....

 I was sitting in the vegie patch and I was thinking that only 30 minutes before I was in the middle of the CBD and now I was enjoying a cuppa before dinner, enjoying looking at the green lush plants and vegies I was enjoying the serenity if only for a moment.... and then the chit chatter from the munchkins yelling out "where is dinner mum we are ready"

With that I knew that was my cue to get back inside

What's your garden or Vegie patch like on a winter's day?


  1. It it wonderful to know , that your have passion about vegie patch and garden, i also grow up in a farm like you and your husband, i have so wonderful memories and i share exactly the same memories only a few years before you , because i am your older cousin, who saw you grow up in the same farm.

  2. Thank you my cousin i am very touch