Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Discoverings

Today was the first day in a little while where we have seen the sun. A friend of mine told me a while ago that she regularly takes her children for a walk through a path towards the Community Garden, the same garden depicted on the children's mural.

This afternoon we all make our way to find the walkway and to spend sometime at the community garden, who knew we had such wonders at our doorstep. we have been living at the cottage for 3 years and never been to the walkway we have visited the community garden several times but have never walked there.

On our journey we met many people walking their dogs I love how friendly people are they greeted us , they smiled, they googled over the children who looked adorable riding their bikes


We could not believe it there was a creek and ducks and the amazing noise of the water running downstream we finally reached our destination the community garden when we  saw the most spectacular thing in the middle of nowhere there was a huge marquee Oxfam is having a trailwalk for 48 hours we stumble on check point 6 I loved  seeing these people coming from the middle of the bush and the Oxfam people cheering and giving words of encouragement as they still have a long way to get to the finishing line.

We had a wander in the garden each plot looked incredible the different variety of vegetables and edible flowers, the munchkins had a play in the sandpit and then it was time to get back home.

What a great end to a sunny day. 

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