Saturday, 22 June 2013

A day at the WhiteCottage

Today we decided to stay home and pot around the grounds Farmer Joe and the Munchkins spend the morning planting the winter crop in the vegie patch and me well I was a Domestic Goddess yes that was me I like to embellish on the name because in reality who wants to say "yes I cleaned, I moped, I cooked I Blah blah blah" I enjoyed of course. 

We let the chickens run around the grounds and it made me think these chickens are living the life they get fed organic food I tell them every morning how much I love them in the hope they will lay an egg in return, so today when I was busily being a Domestic Goddess I saw them and thought these chickens are onto something " a nice Saturday morning sun bathing in the warm sun" If only....


I love spending time at home I love the chaos of the children exploring (or making a mess as mothers call it ) while the boys were working hard on the vegie patch  I enjoyed a cup of coffee a homemade chocolate truffle and a read of the latest Australian Country Magazine in between loads of washing.

and that was today a good day a sunny a day with the family and nothing beats that!

I hope you also had a great day

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