Monday, 1 July 2013

Our first Garage Sale

It's been quiet around the White Cottage lately my eldest munchkin had a tumble last week we went on an ambulance ride to the hospital all is good but let me tell you its super hard to keep two boys from running around and being boys during our week of bed rest we did loads of arts and crafts and book readings. 

Over the weekend we did our very first Garage Sale it was loads of hard work trying to sort out things we wanted to sell, we spent all day outside, we had a cupcake and coffee stand I must say we didn't do too bad on our cupcake sales maybe next time we will have a cupcake sale only instead but maybe next time I wont eat so many cupcakes while waiting for people I ate too much of my profits. We had so much fun we got to meet so many interesting people I could not believe how much personal information a person divulges to a stranger I loved it,  it was definitely entertaining and now I have plenty of dinner party stories

Last week started with a bump on the road and we finished on a high with our Garage Sale or maybe I felt so high thanks to the 3 cupcakes I ate at once in any case we finished the week happy. 

I hope you had a great weekend too


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