Wednesday, 19 August 2015

An impromptu birthday party

Our middle munchkin turned 6 last week, he was unsure as to what to do, his brain was working overtime with all the ideas he had first he wanted a party at home then at the play centre, then he thought he should take the whole class to the countryside after 20 millions ideas he came to the conclusion he didn't want a party after all.

His birthday came, one of his longtime friend was also born the same day, he had a lovely party that was the game changer Mr munchkin decided that he did indeed want a party which was great that he made a firm decision but that meant I only had about 5 days to invite his friends and prepare the party itself.

I sent an email to the whole class and some of our old friends to meet us on Friday afternoon at the park.

I would have to say that it was relatively easy to prepare we loaded the GO GO mobile with all sorts of toys and party food and Viola!!! we were on our way to a parrrty.

Once at the park I set up like a playground wonderland we had a craft and arts table, tenpin bowling,  a ride on car, a giant parachute and soccer balls for a bit of a soccer game.

I decided to keep the food front fairly easy I ordered a couple of antipasti and fresh vegetable platters, we had the usual children's party food lollies, chips a fresh fruit platter and of course I made the Ninjago Cake and the cupcakes.

The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and I must say that us adults had a good time too, I was able to sit and have a chat.

and this is how we had an impromptu Birthday party.

No fuss and plenty of fun. 

arts & crafts table
must always keep hydrated
Ninjago cake

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  1. I am in love with this impromptu birthday party. Those Ninjago cakes are looking fabulous. Overall, this party was a complete package of fun and enjoyment. I would like to use this theme for my son’s birthday that I am going to host at some domestic Chicago venues.