Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Sunflowers at the Whitecottage

I am totally loving the change of weather, so sunny and so cool at the same time, and another thing that is enjoying this glorious weather is our vegie patch, the crop is looking fantastic but what I am loving the most is our sunflowers, we planted them to encourage pollination and its done a fabulous job, not only do they look incredible but we have seen European bees and native bees buzzing around them.

I love sunflowers, I always have, one of my first memories as a child is a sunflower field next door to my kindergarden and my love for them never went away, I am so glad that this year they are just looking glorious, I am hoping to get some seeds from the flowers to keep planting them.

Anyhoo here they are.

Why don't you get into the garden this coming weekend the weather calls for it. cheers Karla.

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