Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Sunday

This Easter we decided to be very laid back, we just wanted to pot around the whitecottage, the munchkins had been good munchkins so we were just waiting to see if the Easter Bunny would come and drop off some Easter eggs.

We visited some friends on Saturday, while we were there we decided to have Easter Sunday together and what a fabulous decision that was, and this was our Easter Sunday.

Our theme was 'Bunnies in the Forest', the roses from the garden have been damaged by all the rain but the mock orange in our hedge is thriving and it just made a wonderful aromatic centre piece.

It has been raining heavily here in sunny Queensland, so we had an indoor Easter egg hunt and how much fun it was well until there were 3 little munchkins hyped up on Easter eggs.

Lunch was my stress free roast chicken with all the trimmings

 My gluten free chocolate cake is always a winner and with a scoop of ice cream is perfection

We finished our Easter lunch with a sing-a-long and some board games, Monica is always a pleasure to have around both master munchkin and her enjoy playing the piano.
and that was our Easter Lunch celebrations, I hope you had a lovely day too. cheers Karla

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  1. Happy Easter to your family. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. X