Saturday, 6 December 2014

Our Annual Children's Christmas Party

It is not a secret that Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year, When we moved to the whitecottage we hosted our first "Annual Children's Christmas Party" 5 years on we continue to host them, each year our friends and us look forward to the children's Christmas party.

Every body brings a plate and a $5 generic present because Santa comes to visit to give gifts to all the children.

Today's party was the first year that both of our boys (believers look away)noticed that Santa was actually papa (farmer Joe), our little friend Hudson came to me and asked me "is Santa really real" and of course I replied "yes" I am thinking he was also suspicious too.

Well our Annual Children's Christmas Party is over, baby munchkin is in bed, both boy munchkins are playing with the playdough that they received from Santa, Farmer Joe and I are enjoying some left overs.

We started on a high and finished on high.

Good night,
from the Whitecottage.

it would not be a Christmas party without a cheese platter

I have been making this little watermelon Christmas trees for 5 years and they never get old

 The country lady made these delicious treats
Salted caramel tarts & her lemon curd tarts they are to die for

Rosa my favourite Italian nona made this amazing orange and chocolate cake in the shape of a church, so decadent

our wonderful friends

The children participating in the colouring in competition

The colouring in entries so hard to find a winner, they were all winners

and Santa makes an entrance

Even the chickens joined in the festivities.

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