Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A fab day....

This morning I met two lovely ladies for a coffee and a wander around the stores in James St, it was a fab morning full of chatter as we looked through the beautiful things at the stores.

Once I finished I had planned to meet with Farmer Joe for lunch I said to him whether we should have Yum Cha or go and find somewhere to sit and have a light meal, he told me to meet him in town and he would think of a place, little did I know he had a surprise for me and he took me to Jamie Oliver's new restaurant, Jamie's Italian, I was squealing like a school girl with excitement it only opened yesterday and it did not disappoint we had the most delicious food, the restaurant is just so gorgeous and the waiter was so bubbly and friendly the whole experience was superb.

why don't you check it our for yourself.

have you been somewhere exciting lately?

Farmer Joe and I couldn't decide which plank to choose from so we chose all three so decadent I want to go back again... soon... tomorrow

not our food but gosh I wish it was ours

How gorgeous are these tomato tins

The drink selection looked amazing unfortunately being a school day we drunk the
non- alcoholic drinks
No...thank you Jamie for a fantastic experience until next time
(next week....?)

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