Wednesday, 16 April 2014

5 Shot Challenge

Last week my Instagram friend @lesleegtg invited me to take the 5 shot challenge, this is where someone nominates a word and you and in this case ME take a photo each day with the word assigned to me.

My word was FUN

It  got me thinking about what I do every day, how my daily life rolls, I must say I had fun photographing what made me have fun for that day.

Here we go my FUN in five shots.

 DAY 1 - FUN is deciding what am I going to wear each morning, yes I am just a mum I clean, cook, bake, mulch the chicken house, do gardening and volunteer at school and other places, I enjoy doing all these tasks looking good and wearing a good lippie.

DAY 2 -  FUN was spending a couple of days at Noosa with our wonderful friend and her munchkins she was kind enough to let us stay with her there where 2 ladies and 6 children age 6 to 1 Years old. It was fun to swim, dig holes in the sand, have late night girlie talks.

DAY 3 - FUN was baking a chocolate buttermilk cake and share it with my friend and the munchkins it is just fabulous that such a simple thing such as a cake can bring a smile to the little ones and older ones being us.

DAY 4 - FUN having one last swim and an ice cone on our last day of our mini vacation. The day was just beautiful the water at Noosa was just perfection the kids had so much fun swimming and building sand castles. We missed the ice cone man the day before so this one tasted even better.

 DAY 5 - FUN was going to Roma St parklands with our little munchkins oldest friends, my friend and I met when our eldest were few months old we met at the CBD library books and rhymes our friendship started as first time mothers then I had 3 munchkins she had 2 munchkins and now there are 5 little beautiful munchkins who continue to be good friends even though they are busy with school, sport and all the things little munchkins do.

On my final day of 5 shot challenge i finished with what is important in our lives family and friends.

Why don't you set yourself a shot challenge? you will be surprised as to how much you tend to do on a normal day without even realising it.

Oh if you have time pop over to Instagram and check my photos and leslee @lesleegtg specially Leslee's photos  if you love flowers and home decor they are just dreamy.



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  1. Another great the photos.