Thursday, 28 November 2013

Esmeralda's shoes

My new fab sandals $24 can't go wrong

When disaster struck!!

Yesterday morning I was at a school event when my gorgeous friend called we arranged to meet we were having a fab time window shopping and chatting.

let me tell you about my friend lets call her Esmeralda she is just fabulous I am going to come back as her in my next life, she is gorgeous in every sense good looking, super amazing personality and she is a fashionista to the max with her Jimmy choo and incredible wardrobe. When we met she commented in my sandals which I must say they are my favourite they make my horrid feet look half decent and they are comfortable so there we were walking around looking at clothes trying clothes, when disaster struck I heard my sandal snap WHAT!!!!!! I thought I can’t believe this is happening……………

so I shuffled and shuffled we were borderline peeing our pants laughing I couldn’t believe my sandals broke specially after she commented on how nice they were. I asked her whether she yinks me when giving me the compliment by this time she had bought several pair of shoes and Moi nil so off we went to every single store we could find how can it be that we are two days away from summer and there is hardly any choice on sandals and the shop that did have sandals did not have my size I needed something PRONTO!

I was just about feel defeated when we had a light bulb moment – TARGET – or TARRRR….GET as MR Gok says if it is good enough for Mr Gok is good enough for Moi I found so many sandals to choose from so the day was safe and I could continue our shopping expedition and I must say I am loving my $24 bargain.

After school pick up I dropped by to another friend’s house and she commented how lovely my shoes were and asked me if I got them at Witchery.

So here I am from distaster to fab again I know where to go and buy some pretty cool shoes now and thanks Esmeralda for laughing with me the whole way.



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