Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A hot day at the WhiteCottage

What a hot day!!!! The weather is definitely living up to its name The Sunshine State, was it ever today it was so hot and it was only breakfast time, I had planned for the boys to go riding on their scooters to the nursery while I followed with the baby on foot and trike but no we were slowly being baked by our Queensland weather.

So today was an indoor/air conditioned day the boys played Lego and did some crafts and homework, for the boys it was a chilled out kind of day.

As for me well it was a very good day  between playing Lego I was able to squeeze a couple of loads of washing in and I tell you they were dry in no time although I thought I was not going to make it to the washing line as I was melting as soon as I came out the laundry door. the tea towels were dry in 10 minutes and I didn't have to iron them as they looked perfecto!!!

Farmer Joe got home early from work to help me with the rose garden we had placed a barrier to protect them from the chickens as they thought the rose garden was their local all you can eat buffet and left us with nothing, after months of nurturing back to health they are back looking fabulous so was glad that farmer Joe could take the fence out. 

Late afternoon was here and it was time to prepare dinner we cooked nothing spesh but it was special because I finally got to chin wag with the country lady aka my wonderful friend Mel it was good to chin wag about kids, food, gardening and all the fantastic things that she and I had been up to.

as for right now I am enjoying a cup of coffee in the air condition.

lets hope tomorrow is a much cooler day!!!!

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