Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fresh as a Daisy

This morning  I was having one of those mornings where I was having issues of the electronic kind aka my computer and the net in general, I don't know if I have mentioned this but I am computer challenged when it comes to trouble shooting internet stuff I hate it and  was borderline in the fetal position.

It was good that my eldest munchkin wanted to go for a ride on his scooter so off we went even though its hot as an oven we lathered ourselves with sunblock and started walking.

The direction we were going was where the wind takes us, I just followed his direction "mum lets go here and there" we walked a good distance and then we stopped over at the local nursery WOW my eyes were in overdrive.

I just ADORE the nursery in spring time all the beautiful flowers in full bloom I bumped into an old friend and had a chat about the good old times and who is doing what! 

Well it was getting even hotter we bought an iceblock and made our way home.

We are back home and I feel fresh as a daisy my computer challenges can wait for later.

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