Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Around the WhiteCottage - Our Dining Table

I thought I would share with you our wonderful dining table, this is where most of our entertaining happens it's big and it seat 12 people. We have friends on a regular basis for a meal and a chin wag.

I always wanted a big farm table so when we saw this one I just had to take it home,  we bought it the day we got the keys to the WhiteCottage, it was so big that when it arrived it took four men to put it together it was our first piece of furniture on the ground floor. 

I remember just having this huge table and chairs and nothing else, we had tradesman doing renovations and they would ask on a daily basis why we had such a big table, were we going to have 10 kids to fill the chairs 

I think Farmer Joe was a bit concerned for a little while thinking if that was my master plan.

The running joke is if we ever move out the new owner will have to keep it as not sure where else it could fit.

It's time for my first cuppa for the day, I hope you have a wonderful day.

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