Monday, 14 November 2011

white cottage kitchen


This is the original kitchen for the house, we felt although it was functional we thought it was a little outdated, plus we felt that it was the perfect opportunity to put our dream kitchen into the house. We were very lucky that it only took from start to finish three weeks.

Unfortunately this photo does not do the kitchen justice...I will take another photo and replace this one.
This kitchen has seen many happy cooking and baking occasions. I have my English tap from a local restoration store. I have had a picture of this tap for about twelve years, so I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this tap in the store.

The sink is a modern take on the classic ceramic butler sink, people always ask whether I bathe the kids in the sink as it is so large and deep... which I don't.

I also love the brick pattern that is the back splash behind the stove which goes to the ceiling.

We waited for this kitchen for a long is the heart of the house, and has seen many happy occasions and many laughs amongst friends and family

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