Saturday, 6 June 2015

What's good about winter - Kalfresh Carrot Field Day

Well we all know that my favourite season is Winter, I love that I can wear fabulous coats, wool hats and long boots and who can argue with a good cup of hot chocolate, but what I most like about winter is all the fantastic events hosted in winter time.

Last year we were so lucky to go to carrot picking at Kalfresh (read here)after I posted this I had lots of emails asking me when and where the next one would be so here it is people the  Kalfresh Carrot field day 

We had so much fun we learned about where carrots come from and how they are cleaned and packed, the people at Kalfresh were so friendly and happy to answer all our questions, after our tour  we got to pick our own very  carrots to take home, the munchkins and maybe myself were jumping with excitement. 

Anyhoo if you want to go for a fun drive  and join the  carrot festivities get on their website and book a spot.

See you there.


ps. Not sponsored just happy to spread the word for grow local eat local.

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