Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Breakfast - Berry Parfait

Over the weekend we hosted a brunch at the Whitecottage for some friends, the weather was perfect.
When I host an event I always cater food that I know well and that is easy to prepare so I can spend more time with our guests. One of the dishes I made was Berry Parfait. These are the easiest, yummiest, healthy breakfast idea.
I make these on a regular basis and they look delish, taste delish and they are also perfect if you are on the run especially on those days that I am running late in the morning.


What you need:

* Jam Jar with lid
*lite yogurt
*fresh berries
*frozen berries
*Granola, muesli or Special K 

How to: 

*Place a spoonful of yogurt at bottom of the jam jar, add the cereal then frozen berries.
*Repeat the process in layers when you get to the top of the Jam Jar leave a space for the fresh berries then place the lid on.


*Make the night before, but the day of is ok too.
*you can use any cereal or fruit your heart contends, our munchkins love this parfait we use Special K for the children and they love it.
Well, enjoy.



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