Thursday, 4 September 2014

Baby Munchkin goes to Daycare

Our youngest baby munchkin went to day care for the first time ever yesterday I was nervous and happy at the same time.
Time flies too fast, these last 2 years have gone in a flash, and it was hard yakka at the start with feeding problems, tongue tie, reflux; she is my baby munchkin and will always be my baby the last of three munchkins.
Yesterday I had grand plans after drop off, I thought I would go and wander the stores, have a coffee at my favourite coffee shop which I miss dearly and I day dream that since I was going to be child-free for one day I could actually make a hair appointment or go and watch a movie, my mind was in overdrive with all the wonderful things I was going to do on my first one day off in two years.
The reality was I came home and lasted two whole hours before I called the daycare centre to see how she was going as luck would have it she was sitting next to the director having an good old time eating her morning tea, yes she did cry for a minute or two after we left but she soon forgot about it once she met all her new little friends, she even went to the toilet twice so who knew I guess it's time to toilet train now, she had the time of her life.
As for me I am such a mum instead of going to the hairdresser or to wander around my favourite stores I came home and did all the jobs I can not do while baby munchkin is home, I tidied up all the kids bedrooms, I vacuumed, sorted clothes, dropped off clothes for the refugee centre and before I knew it? it was time to go and pick up all the munchkins.
Maybe next week I will go for wander to the stores.

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