Sunday, 21 September 2014

At the Fete

Last weekend I was one of three conveyors for the Bake Stall at the school fete, I have been to many fetes but never have been involved in organising one. Who knew how much organising goes into organising a fete stall. The Fete took weeks of organising, endless emails, recruiting volunteers to bake the most delicious cakes and sweets, at times I felt like the Avon lady asking any unsuspecting mother to bake a cake for the bake stall while she was trying to do her 2 minute drop off or pick up.
Our cake and sweet stall was a success, most people took time from their busy schedules and baked like crazy Master Bakers and the day was fun, we greeted our customers with big smiles and told stories about our goodies.
Of course I was no different from any other stall conveyor we all worked hard to make the fete as successful as possible, it is amazing how people come together to organise such a fun family event and funds raised will be put to a good use.
Well I had this past week to take it easy and put my feet up and now the school holidays are here.
I made some of my baking recipes for the fete, why don't you give them a go this holidays. The shortbread men decorations were a hit and I am sure we will be making some during this holidays.

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