Sunday, 31 August 2014

The last day of winter

Today is the last day of winter and anyone that knows me knows that I totally love winter, I love wearing big coats, gumboots and cooking comfort food.

This winter was so different from any other winter we had lows and highs, this winter we got the Flu, the real flu, the munchkins and I were in Quarantine for what felt like the longest time and even though we weren't in quarantine for long it took a long time for me to recover and to feel like myself.

On the plus our winter vegie patch was amazing better than any other year I guess that's what happens when you spend loads of time looking after the vegies (mainly because we were so unwell to go anywhere the house and the garden are thanking us for it). We had loads of tomatoes, yellow button squash, brocollini, cabbage and my fav snow peas they never made it inside I just sat on the edge of the vegie patch and ate them by the handful.

It was a hard winter indeed but we always have to look at the bright side and that was I got to spend lots of quantity and quality time with the munchkins, we were crafties, cooks, bakers, gardeners and couch potatoes.

On this last day of winter our home looks tidy, we have loads of homemade birthdays cards in the off chance we get invited to a birthday party, our vegie patch was good to us and we are healthy.

Well as I write this I have two boys playing soccer inside the house apparently the chandelier is the goal...some things never change with the seasons.

On that note I better go and referee...... and tomorrow is the first day of Spring I wonder what the next few months have install for us.


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