Monday, 2 June 2014

The life of a girl and her GO CARD

Well no car yet which means I have been busing it everywhere, well when I say everywhere it is from home to school but I have to do a stop over in the Brisbane CBD.

I have been enjoying this public transport gig, I have eaten sushi every single day for 6 days in a row, I feel fit from pushing the pram and miss munchkin.

The other thing that has been fun is that I have been stopping at the Brisbane City Library so miss munchkin can have a play in the children's area while I read all the home d├ęcor magazines, let me tell you the choices are endless I immerse myself when reading them.

Today I had to run errands in town so I went early it was time for baby munchkin's nap so I decided to go back to the library it was quiet, I got a bunch of magazines and placed my toosh on the very comfy seat in the corner, baby munchkin was dead to the world sleeping.

When the librarian came around the corner and she said in a loud voice

Librarian: "HELLO" I am just checking who was sitting here.

ME:  I responded " the baby is sleeping so I thought I would sit in a quiet place.

Librarian: We always check this spot as we get people canoodling in this seat.

ME: I smiled politely and she went on her merry way

What I wanted to said to the librarian was: great I am sitting in the pash-a-thon seat and believe me lady all that canoodling is what got me into trouble three kids and no car, but instead I smiled politely

Who knew!!!! people go to the library to kiss and canoodle

I must be getting old, here I was thinking that the library was for reading, using the internet, children to play in the children area and for me to read squillions of magazine.

The Library is not boring after all it caters for all :)

I might mix it up tomorrow and have a Californian roll instead of the tuna salad.


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