Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The glass is half full

I was not sure whether to write this post. The thing is that last Friday  I did some shopping just before school pick up, on the way to pick up our eldest munchkin from school our car broke down on the ramp to the highway, I could not believe it that we broke down 15 minutes before pick up, I rang some of the other mothers to see if someone could help me with pick up I didn't want master munchkin to be afraid or get worried that I was not coming but there were no answers until a friend picked up the phone and she was more than happy to take munchkin to her home.

We waited for RACQ to help us once they came they told us it was too dangerous to do anything on that spot and they would have to move us off the highway onto a safe street where I would have to wait for another tow truck to take the car to the mechanic this whole drama took 3 hours it was dinner time by the time we picked up master munchkin.

I was not sure whether to write this post because I really dislike those blogs where every post is about complaining, I am usually a glass half full kind of girl I always try to see the positive of a negative but Friday's episode really tested my glass half full attitude.

Master munchkin attends the most lovely little school I can not talk enough about the teacher's and the school they are just marvellous but the things is that the school is about 20 minutes away from home so we are not in the neighbourhood which makes it hard for transport let's say walking to school.

While we were waiting for the tow truck and worrying about master munchkin it hit me that it is hard that we do not have any family or support that we can call in an emergency as I was feeling sorry for myself our wonderful friend answered the phone Lady Genevieve came to the rescue she was so calm and was telling me "no problems hun the girls and I will take master munchkin for ice cream and we will wait for you" this is the Lady who is a super busy mum to two gorgeous girls, a wife to a wonderful man and they are packing up their home for their new adventure to live and study at Harvard university for the next year and now extending help to the helpless aka the residents at the Whitecottage, when we arrived at her home she lent us her car to get home.

This week she has kept the munchkins and I entertained after school at her home while we wait for farmer Joe to pick us up, the munchkins have totally enjoyed their time with the girls they have been nagging me for a playdate for what seems like an eternity so they are happy to spend time with the girls and I am happy with all the natter.

I was speaking to lady Esmeralda, about my weekend disaster and she has kindly driven me around today to run errands and other things and she has kindly offered to pick up the munchkin if I am ever stuck.

Not so bad after all ha!!! I was a glass half empty kind of girl for a nano second and I am back to my glass half full attitude, great school, great friends that help, my little family who I adore, no car yet but we can't have it all not just yet anyway.

Until then I am getting great use of my GO card.



  1. Anonymous27 May 2014 22:36

    I am loving this Lady Genevieve title. I will see if I can get it to take off at home. You forget to mention all the wonderful things you do for all your friends. We were saying the other day 'if only there was someway we could repay her for all the gluten free cupcakes, eggs and general allround happiness" and the universe responded with an opportunity. Now if you can just continue to style my life everything will be perfect (and probably pink) just the way the girls like it...

    1. Thank you so much for everything, I am forever in debt to you and your lovely family, I will have to pay in cupcakes of course :)

  2. That was kind of a bummer, but at least you've gotten out of that in no time, with the tow truck and the promise of recovery and repair. That is so much better than to have had your care be a blockage on the road or something. Glad you're moving forward as well. All the best!

    Maurice Osborne @ Fast Lane Automotive