Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter 2014

It is the end of Easter and what fun it has been!!!

The munchkins are growing fast and I really enjoy this stage of their age, they get so excited about the Easter Bunny visiting I love how I have used the bribe of

" if you don't behave I will call the Easter Bunny"

" if you don't finish your food I will call the Easter Bunny"

Well the Easter Bunny came and what fun we had hunting for those eggs and even more fun eating those eggs.

One of my favourite things at Easter is our Family traditions both my husband Farmer Joe and myself grew up painting eggs and I am so happy that we are continuing our traditions with our munchkins, the ceramics egg collection is rapidly growing.

Well the Whitecottage is still Bunnyfied and now it is time for all those bunnies to go back into their boxes and until next year.

I hope you had a fantastic Easter.

Do you have special traditions you follow?

Would love to hear.

Cheers Karla

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