Thursday, 3 April 2014

Discussing the big issues: Colour run in the washing machine

The other morning I washing baby munchkin’s clothes, all her pretty pink clothes, I washed them the same way as I always do, there was no new technique or new setting on the washing machine but to my horror there was a tiny little dress that was BLACK!!!!! yes black, I opened the washing machine door to find a full load of previously pink clothes now purple.

Yes I like purple like any other person but not when all of my munchkin’s clothes are ruined. Then I was telling one of the mums at school drop off my terrible tales of colour run washing, yes it was news worthy, I thought for a minute, I should tell the school clerk as she can print it in this week’s school letter.

"Karla the cupcake lady come washing lady for the morning ruined her baby's clothes why? she probably had cupcakes on her mind"

The devastation was terrible all those beautiful Nicobelle designed dresses once pink and floral now PURPLE.

Then a miracle happened the mum I was happening to tell my horror story told me about this product she used to remove colour run, no soon had she finished telling me about it when I was down to Woolies to get myself a stash.

This stuff is FANTASTIC. 

I filled the laundry tub with hot water and place 2 sachets and left it to soak for a few hours and VIOLA!!! my clothes were returned to their beautiful self there was one dress that needed a second soaking but I couldn't be more happy as I was planning to keep that dress as a keepsake.

Who knew there was such product? maybe everyone knows about it and I was the only one in the dark but now it is in my shopping list for those horror laundry moments.

and next time I do little miss munchkin laundry I will check that there is nothing that will give me a heart attack.

Well all safe and colourful or pink I should say, and now I must make myself a cuppa.



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