Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sick little munchkins

Today  I had grand plans to pot around and to do the much needed tidy up around the garden, but instead I have been playing nursery for my two little munchkins who have caught a tummy bug and are vomiting galore, my poor car and baby munchkin got a good shower of it Farmer Joe had the pleasant job of cleaning it up.

Today will be a day of washing bedding and mopping I am thinking!

I feel so sad for my poor little munchkins as a mother I don't like seeing them unwell and I totally hate saying no to them when they are asking for foods that might make them sicker, today the Whitecottage is in quarantine there will be loads of indoor playing, paracetamol, dry toast and juice.

While I have two sick little munchkins, the cottage work never end the plans for today are to finish mending the toys who are in much need of surgery, the chicken house needs cleaning and mulching and an important job I have is to find those grasshoppers that are eating my roses.

I hope your day is much more cheery than mine, 

what are you up to today ? would love to hear.


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