Monday, 6 January 2014

The Party is over

Kitchen essentials - this Weeks book Bill Granger - Bill's Basics,  I change the books very often depending what i am cooking I don't discrimate I love cookbooks and the freebies cookbooks I get at the supermarket
The Cupcake Lady's most precious possession

For our Chicky Babes who thanks us with daily eggs
Coffee Cart-Everyone is welcome to make themselves a cuppa

After what seemed to be a lifetime of eating, drinking bubbles and hosting parties at the Whitecottage the party/ies is/are officially over, well I mean is over, but it just means we don't have any more parties to schedule or to host but I am always keen and ready to party.

Usually after the new year we drive up to Bargarra Beach to see the turtles hatch the kids really enjoy it and it is good to be in a resort but not this year Farmer Joe has to go back to his paying job so the Cupcake Lady and the munchkins will stay at the Whitecottage and of course I am writing a list of jobs appropriate for 5 & 4 year old, the jobs will be sort of au pair to homestay meaning keeping an eye on baby munchkin and doing light housework for food and a roof hahaha. I will keep you posted how that goes.

My poor oven has worked overtime in the last 6 weeks so I am glad to say that Farmer Joe has given it a really good clean, I know you can call those dudes and they come and make your oven look so sparkly but I figure I have a dude and the cleaner so I figure 1+1 = Farmer Joe is on oven cleaning duties I must say he does a pretty fantastic job he takes the door apart and do what oven cleaning dudes do I can not give you the specifics as I make myself scarse while the job is in process but one thing I know by the time Farmer Joe is done the oven looks like the day I bought it and it is ready for another beating.

In a way I am glad the parties have come to an end I was like the local restaurant lady cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, do you get my drift there was always something to wash, something to put away something being taken out for cooking. 

I am taking a well-deserved rest from kitchen duties well at least for 2 days so I will let you know how long before I start baking again.

I present you my clutter free kitchen I wonder how long it will last........


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