Friday, 24 January 2014

The End of the School Holidays

This week is the last week of the school holidays, they went way too fast, we have had so much fun, we have done day trips, we have gone away, to see the countryside and of course we have potted around the Whitecottage.
The time flew away but we achieved so much in this time, the boys are 5 1/2 & 4 years old so now they have started a new routine where they are now making their own beds in the mornings and tidying up their own room at the end of the day, although I got to remind them each day to do it, they are quite happy to do it, they also have their own washing basket, so for the last few weeks they now taking their own clean washing up to their bedroom put all the clothes away and bringing the basket back to the laundry.

It is very important for us that the children become as independent as possible and to help around the house we figure if they start when they small they might do it as they get older we will see time will tell.  One thing that has happened in the last few months is how polite and grateful they are when they receive something I just love how they say "Thank you papa and mum for getting this or that for me" and I think to myself how cute and wonderful to see and hear these words I will keep them close to my heart especially when they grow up and become royal pain.

The last few weeks have been crazy trying to see all our little friends that we could not see at Christmas time and just trying to have one last proper catch up before the crazy school season starts. For most of our little friends next week will be the first time they go to school, the start of prep and exciting times are ahead for all of them as for our little munchkins well our eldest is going onto grade 1 and our middle one is starting Kindy I am happy and nervous at the same time for both of them I am glad that I still have little miss munchkin at home she can keep me company and amuse me with all her mischievous behaviour. 
On that note...... Congratulations to all those cute little munchkins that are starting or going back to school
With Love

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