Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Back to nature

A few weeks ago the council chopped down all the paper bark trees in our street apparently they were interfering with the drainage, I felt so sad that the trees were gone, our neighbourhood is changing.

The chopping of the trees has brought lots of emotions and memories, When I look out of my window or sit in our garden I look at trees and birds, the munchkins and I usually go for bush walks picking up sticks and searching for cockatoos we usually see them at the end of the street.

When I was small child I spent a lot of my time in the countryside in my grandma's farm, my cousins and I would run around the farm climbing trees, swimming in the creek and having races on the train line, the train line was barely used, it was only used for transporting sugar cane during harvest time.

I am trying for our children to have similar experiences where they have a relationship with nature, it can be difficult at times, we live in such a technological world where children are spending so much time with their ipad and all types of gadgets.

Something funny happened the other day at my munchkin's tennis lesson, I was sitting with another mum just watching the kids hitting the balls and she was telling me how she likes to keep her 3 children contained inside the house and she doesn't let them go to the park as she is a homebody and it made me think, do lots of people not let children become in touch with nature? have we become such a technological society?.

I was reading "littlegreenshed" a personal blog, Lou the writer had a short film by Project wild thing, when I watched it, it resonated with me, I hope our children have a connection with nature just the same way Farmer Joe and I had and have.

I'll let you be the judge
Cheers Karla

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